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Italian Renaissance Maiolica. [- 40%]


Italian Renaissance Maiolica. [- 40%]


Sani, Elisa P.


August 2012, (22 x 27,5 cm), 176 pp. English text, numerouw ills., hardcover / dustjacket.


BOOKSALE 49,50 now € 27,90 The V&A has the greatest collection of maiolica in the world. This long awaited study explores the significance of these fascinating objects in the art and social history of the Italian Renaissance. This book traces the use of Maiolica objects in the Renaissance, from birth through courtship and marriage rituals to death, and gives an engaging insight into the life of noble families in this period. New photography shows the dazzling palette of colours which has not faded over time, that was used to decorate these objects, and emphasizes why these objects were prized in the Renaissance and remain so popular with today's collectors. Italian Renaissance Maiolica also includes illustrations from Piccolpasso's sixteenth-century manuscript Three books of the Potter's Art, an incomparable source on maiolica, to illustrate how these highly valued objects were made


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