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Avec Marilyn / une nuit 1961 - Deluxe edition by Douglas Kirkland. (Monroe)


Avec Marilyn / une nuit 1961 - Deluxe edition by Douglas Kirkland. (Monroe)


Kirkland, Douglas:


2015, (25,6 x 35 cm), 144 pp., French edition, 118 photos and 1 signed and numered colour print by Douglas Kirklan, packed in cloth Deluxebox (32,2 x


French language limited edition with a signed and numbered print by Douglas Kirkland. Marilyn Monroe was the quintessential American sex symbol and, to this day, still personifies the glitz and glamour of the American Hollywood industry. In With Marilyn: An Evening/1961, photographer Douglas Kirkland presents an extraordinary collection of photographs that allows us to pry into the mysterious woman, unveiling an intimate night that the world-class photographer shared with the icon. Although Marilyn was internationally adored and beloved by both women and men alike, the public had little insight into the pop culture icon’s personal life. Kirkland changed all that with his assignment for the 25th anniversary issue of LOOK Magazine photographing the movie star in 1961. Working in the casual sexiness of an unmade bed, Monroe and Kirkland together produced some of the most spontaneous and flirtatious photographs ever taken of the film legend, images that endure to the present and add a new facet to both the iconic superstar and her prolific photographer. Here, share in the fantasy of their evening and relive the moment through Kirkland’s nostalgic retelling. Douglas Kirkland is one of the best-known and longest-working photographers of our time.  He began his career on assignment for LOOK and Life magazines, where he photographed such icons as Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Marlene Dietrich.


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