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The Shibata Collections (8 volumes complete)


The Shibata Collections (8 volumes complete)


Kyushu Ceramic Museum:


Kyushu Ceramic Museum (1990–2002), (25 x 24 cm), 8 volumes. all together 2476 pp. Japanese text and English, numerous full colour ills., paperback;


Kyushu Ceramic Museum. Catalogue of the exhibition and donation of Akihiko and Yuko Shibata. Part I: Early Imari to Kakiemon; (1990, 256 pp.). Part II: Early Japanese Porcelain (450 pp.); Part III: Artita porcelain of first half of the 17th. Century to the latter half of the 18th century (1993, 192 pp.). Part IV (1995): The Establishment and Transformation of the Ko-Imari Style. (301 pp,). Part V (1997): The creation adn Development of the Enpo Style. (292 pp.). Part VI (1998): Techniques and Decorative methods used in the Edo period, (312 pp.). Part VII (2001): Arita Porcelains in the 17th Century. The Essence of Arita Porcelain. (336 pp.), Part VIII (2002): The Splendour of Ko-Imari. (336 pp.). Added a general catalogue of the Kyushu Ceramicv Museum Collection. Condition of all volumes good !!!


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