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Vuillard. Catalogue critique des peintures et pastels.


Vuillard. Catalogue critique des peintures et pastels.


VULLARD - Cogeval, Guy & Antoine Salomon:


2003, (25 x 30 cm), 3 volumes, 2096 pp. French text, 934 ill., slipcased/


This catalogue raisonné of the paintings and pastels of Édouard Vuillard provides an opportunity to look more carefully at the art of this French master. Hundreds of photographs taken by Vuillard himself, together with an unprecedented collection of preparatory drawings and sketches ­ arranged in relation to his journal ­ focus more closely on the artist's creative process than has any previous study. The art of Édouard Vuillard (1868­1940) spans two centuries: a leading protagonist of Post-Impressionism, like Gauguin and Seurat, he also took part in the renewal of the decorative arts after 1900 and, later, in the "call to order" after the First World War. French language edition.


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