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Kwab. Ornament as art in the age of Rembrandt.


Kwab. Ornament as art in the age of Rembrandt.


Baarsen, Reinier & design Irma Boom:


June 2018, (22 x 28 cm), 304 pp. English text, ca. 350 colour ills., hardcover.


The auricular style is one of the most important and remarkable Dutch contributions to the decorative arts in Europe. This book traces the history and meaning of the auricular style, with its fabulous, organic shapes, from the work of the goldsmith Paulus van Vianen at the court of Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor, in Prague to that of his brother Adam in Utrecht and Johannes Lutma in Amsterdam. Their masterpieces were admired as high art by Rembrandt and his pupils, who produced auricular designs themselves. The fascinating story of this unique abstract decorative form is illustrated using silver and gold masterworks, design drawings and prints, paintings by Rembrandt, furnishings, and Cuir de Cordoue gold leather.


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