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O-LUCE di Giuseppe Ostuni. Volume 1 - Monograph | Monographie


O-LUCE di Giuseppe Ostuni. Volume 1 - Monograph | Monographie


Braeuniger, Thomas:


Volume 1 March 2021, (29,5 x 29,5 cm), 480 pp. and 642 ills., (colour and b/w.). Halflinen hardcover.


Founded in 1945 by Giuseppe Ostuni (1907–1994), O-luce is the oldest Italian design company still operating in the lighting world, a unique production excellence which translates passionate aesthetic and technological research into the potential of light into actual form. Over the years, O-luce has succeeded in building a collection structured like a tale, rich and multifaceted, inhabited by products that transcend fashion to become Italian design icons. Volume 1 is the story of Giuseppe Ostuni and his designers, the history of the company and the lightings produced (480 pages & 642 illustrations.). This volume will provide a lot of new information not only on the lighting but further more on the designers involved, in particular Joe Colombo, which will open a completely new chapter on him. Also featured Franco Buzzi, Tito Agnoli, Marcello Minale, Antonello Vincenti.


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