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Jan van Goyen 1596-1656, ein Oeuvreverzeichnis III.


Jan van Goyen 1596-1656, ein Oeuvreverzeichnis III.


GOYEN - Beck, Hans Urich:


Doornspijk 1988, German text, 322 pp., 614 ils., cloth.


BOOKSALE Special offer € 168,00 now € 99,00. Ergänzungsband. Third volume of the series, presenting substantial new and additional information on both the drawings and paintings: - Text in German. - Jan van Goyen (1596-1656) has been one of the most prolific landscape painters of the great period of Dutch painting. No less important than the paintings are his drawings, the number of which nearly equals that of his oils. Works by Van Goyen are regularly found with art dealers or at auction sales, and command high prices.


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