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Künstler um Jan van Goyen (IV) Maler und Zeichner.


Künstler um Jan van Goyen (IV) Maler und Zeichner.


GOYEN - Beck, Hans Urich:


Doornspijk 1991, 482 pp., 825 (b.& w.) ills., 66 colour plates, cloth.


BOOKSALE € 231,00 now € 132,50. Although Jan van Goyen's influence on his contemporaries and later artists was of immense importance, one seldom finds, in the standard books of reference, reproductions of works by the artists in Van Goyen's circle. Since the publication of Hans-Ulrich Beck's Oeuvre-catalogue on Jan van Goyen, a re-classification of our current knowledge of painters and draughtsmen in his circle has become a necessity. With this in mind the author has deliberately chosen a rather wide range of artists in Van Goyen's circle, and not limited himself to his immediate followers. In his observation Hans-Ulrich Beck has included artists whom one would not at first glance associate with Van Goyen, whose works - or at least some of them - could give rise to problems of attribution. This book should, however, also enable one to discover the hidden charm of the works of lesser artists and help one to recognize their works. Just as in the case of Jan van Goyen, the majority of the paintings of these artist-associates, followers, and imitators is to be found in private collections and occasionally on the market. The 66 color illustrations in this book were chosen mainly from private collections. Most of them had never been previously reproduced in color. Among the ca. 60 artists there are Corn. Beelt, P. de Bloot, Jan Coelenbier, P. Coseyn, Anthony J. and Jacob van der Croos, Hieronymus van Diest, Maerten F. van der Hulft, Frans de Hulst, Wouter Knyff, Willem Kool, Pieter Molyn, Frans de Momper, Pieter de Neyn, Joh. Schoeff, Joost Vinck, Joost de Volder and several monogrammists.


€ 132,50

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