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Dutch Drawings in the Teyler Museum. Artist born between 1740 and 1800.


Dutch Drawings in the Teyler Museum. Artist born between 1740 and 1800.


Schwartz, Leslie A.:


Doornspijk 2004, 552 pp. English text, 804 ills. (21colour), clothbound/dustjacket


BOOKSALE Special offer € 187,50 now € 65,00. The Teyler Museum, the oldest public museum in the Netherlands, was founded in 1778 with the purpose of promoting the arts and sciences. From the beginning, master drawings formed one of the main areas of interest. In the course of over two centuries the successive curators built up a large and varied collection of old master drawings, which deservedly enjoys a world-wide reputation. The Museum has undertaken publication of a multi-volume catalogue of the entire collection of old master drawings. The third volume in this series discusses and illustrates 757 sheets by Dutch masters of the late 18th and early 19th century. This part of the collection is one of a kind in that it was formed through acquisitions of works by contemporary artists, often purchased directly from the artists themselves. These drawings by highly regarded masters such as Jacob Cats, Wybrand Hendriks, Andreas Schelfhout, Johannes Schotel and many others are a perfect reflection of the period's taste for meticulously finished, often coloured drawings, many of them landscapes. The catalogue will be an indispensable reference work for all those interested in Dutch art in general and specifically for students, collectors and liefhebbers of Dutch drawings of the 18th and 19th century.


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