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The Essence of Things - Design and the art of Reduction.


The Essence of Things - Design and the art of Reduction.


Baecker, Dirk & Martin Hartung & Wiebke Lang & Mathias Schwartz-Clauss


2010, (24,5 x 31 cm), 132 pp. English/ German text,180 (most colour) ills., hardcover.


“The Essence of Things” seeks to investigate the motifs and motivations of reduction in design. Beginning with a look at the broad horizons of the theme, this richly illustrated catalogue accompanying the exhibition of the same name places a central focus on industrial design. Its extensively researched and vivid presentations consider the importance of technological and economic conditions as well as the dialogue between design and art and the changing ethical standards applied to design. It traces the unassuming heroes of daily life, examines the concept of man as the measure of all things and finds meaning in omission as a paradoxical intervention. Colour illustrations and descriptions of over 160 objects accompany the bilingual articles by Dirk Baecker, Martin Hartung, Wiebke Lang and Mathias Schwartz-Clauss.


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